High Level Statement of the PSC Strategy


 To advise the President and Government on recruitment, remuneration, discipline and all other matters which by law pertain to the public service

 Vision Statement

 To be an expert and thought leader that offers independent and professional advice on Human Resources Management and Administration


 Mission Statement

 To provide sound advice to Government on Human Resources and Public Administration, whilst fostering compliance with the laws that governs public service   in Namibia

 Core Values

Whilst upholding all the values and principles as articulated in the African Charter on the Values and Principles of Public Service and Administration, the  Namibian Public Service Charter, the Commission also sought to identify complimentary core values that provide specific guidance to in the course of  executing Commission's work. These complimentary core values identify and explain the idealized behaviours that are expected during the execution of the  Commission's mandate. Our core values are personalized because it is our intention that they directly relate to us as the PSC. We will implement various  initiatives to ensure that we live our values, and that from time to time, we assess how well we are demonstrating those idealized behaviours.

Core Values


Manifest Behavior



We demonstrate the skills, judgement and behaviour that is expected of our office, our calling and our roles

Well researched advice at all times and fostering  a culture of continuous capacity development


Number of contestations of PSC advice development


We are objective and consistent in our advice and determinations; we guard against bias and prejudice

Decisions & determinations taken purely on the merit of each case and facts

Number of complaints against the Commission


We uphold confidentiality, privacy and responsible use of information obtained in the course of professional service 

Safeguarding information, and communicating strictly through th the right channels

Number of confidentiality breaches recorded


We account for our activities, take responsibility for results, and we are answerable for our actions

A culture of reporting on our performance and results at all levels

Annual Reports ,Stakeholder Satisfaction Outcomes, Specialized reports


We fulfil the promise of our mission through behavior that reflects honesty, responsibility, and fairness.

Striving to do the right thing at all times 

Number of complaints from our Stakeholders