Commissioner: Markus Kampungu(Chairperson)

The PSC welcomes all of you who browse the dynamic website of the Public Service Commission (PSC) with the purpose of enriching yourselves with knowledge about the PSC. The PSC is a constitutional body that is impartial and independent in its nature. It is accountable to the National Assembly. The overall goal of the website is to formally educate and provide adequate information to the Public Service of Namibia (and eventually the general public) and for them to keep abreast with the activities of the Public Service Commission.

The website provides a gateway to the civil servants to make available a new batch of knowledge about the PSC and the Public Service in general. The PSC, through its website will thus promote, maintain and enhance levels of awareness, better understanding and appreciation of the role of the Commission and the range of services it provides to the Public Service of Namibia. The PSC website will continuously update the target population on the major policy developments, and any other matters in the sphere of Human Resources (HR) administration which is the function of the PSC.

The website will be used as a tool to keep the Public Service conversant with the operations of the PSC and to encourage the target population to give feedback on whether or not the PSC is living by its pledges. I would, wholeheartedly like to urge all who browse our website to give us feedback and advise where to alter and improve the website to be compatible with other website in the rest of the world.


The office of the PSC is located in Mutual Platz Building, 4th Floor in Post Mall Street, Windhoek. Enjoy your browsing. Sincerely yours, Commission Markus Kamungu  (Chairperson) 

The office of the PSC is located in Mutual Platz Building, 4th Floor in Post Mall Street, Windhoek. Enjoy your browsing. Sincerely yours, Commission Markus Kamungu  (Chairperson) 

The Public Service Commission Secretariat(PSCS) comprises staff members which are established by section 9 of the Public Service Commission Act No. 2 of 1990 to anable the Commission to efectively exercise its powers, perform its functions and carry out its duties.

The PSCS provides technical and administrative support to enable it to carry out its advisory and recommendatory functions its objectives are:

To analyse and develop appropriate policies in accordance with the powers, functions and duties of the PSC on human resourses and related matters.

1. PSC is a Constituitional body

2. It consists of e chairperson and no fewer than (3) and no more than six(6) other tpersons

3. Commissioners are nominated by the president and appointed by the National Assembly by resolution.

4. Its functions are defined by an Act of Parliament

5. Its is an independent and impartial body accountable to the National Assembly

The Public Service Commission of Namibia investigates and recommends solutions to or Prime Minister.

How can we help you?

  • We lhelp to solve problems and attends to your grievances
  • We recognise you for your hardwork
  • We assist you in self developmen

How do we make decisions?

  • By Consenses
  • By a majority voteof members present at any meeting
  • The chairperson has the casting vote if votes are undecided or equal

What do we want to Achieve?

  • That  you are recognised for your efforts and achievements
  • That the Public Service is respected for its quality performance and dedicated to preservation and guading its human resources.
  • That the Public is an ideal workplace and keep skilled and talented people.
  • That the Public is served by an efficient and effective workforce.



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