Frequently Asked Questions about the PSC and its Operations

Who are we?

The Public Service Commission is an independent and impartial body established by the Constitution.

What do we do?

We advise and recommend on salary systems and all conditions of service for all Public Service staff members.

  • Appointments;
  • Promotions;
  • Transfers;
  • Misconduct;
  • Grievances;
  • Creation of posts;
  • Conditions of services;
  • Rules and Regulations.

What are our main tasks?

  • Recommends to the Prime Minister on all matters pertaining to the Public Service;
  • Advise Government;
  • Ensures a balanced structured Public Service (women, disadvantaged groups);
  • Act against unfair treatment in your job.

Where can you reach us?

The PSC has an open door policy!

You can send a letter to: The Chairperson of the Public Service Commission, P. O. Box 1117, Windhoek.

Personal Appointment: with the Commissioners assigned to Offices/Ministries/Agencies and Regional Councils at Old Mutual Platz Building, 4th Floor

Otherwise, Please contact: The Private Secretaries of the Commissioners

How can we help you?

The PSC:

  • Helps to solve problems and attends to your grievances;
  • Recognizes you for your hard work;
  • Assists you in self-development.

What do we want to achieve?

  • That you are recognized for your efforts and achievements;
  • That the public service is respected for its quality performance and dedication to preservation and guarding its human resources;
  • That the public service is an ideal workplace to attract and keep skilled talented people;
  • That the public is serviced by an efficient and effective workforce.

How are problems solved by us?

PSC investigates problems and recommends solutions to the President or the Prime Minister.

How do we make decisions?

  • By consensus;
  • By a majority of votes of members present at any meeting;
  • The chairperson has the casting vote if votes are undecided or equal.




Frequently Asked Questions about the PSC and its Operations


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