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Demo2 first
Public Service Commission Planning retreat, 21 February 2015, Gross Barmen
Demo2 second
Chairperson Amb. Eddie S. Amkongo, Speaking on Charter, 26 February, Rundu
Demo2 third
Members of PSC with Eddie S AMKONGO (Chairperson)
Demo2 fourth
Former Prime Minister's Farewell Party, 15 March 2015
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Annual Report
The Public Servant Volume 3/4 Issue 3/4
Annual Report 2013-2014
Sept. - Dec 2014
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01/04/2012 - 31/03/2013


Who are we?

  • PSC is a Constitutional body.
  • it consists of a Chairperson and no fewer than (3) and no more than six (6) other persons.
  • Commissopners are nominated by the president and appointed by the National Assembly by resolution.
  • Its functions are defined by an Act of Parliament.
  • It is an independent and impartial body accountable to the National Assembly.

How are problems solved?

The Public Service Commission Investigates and Recommends Solutions to or Prime Minister.

How can we help you?

  • We help to solve problems and attend to your grievances.
  • We recognise you for your hardwork.
  • We assist you in self develepment.

How Do we make decisions?

  • By Consenses.
  • By a majority voteof members present at any meeting.
  • The chairperson has the casting vote if votes are undecided or equal.

What do we want to acheive?

  • That you are recognised for your efforts and achievements.
  • That the Public Service is respected for its quality performance and dedicated to preservation and guarding its human resources.
  • That the public is an ideal workplace and keep skilled and talented people.
  • That the Public is serviced by an efficient and effective workforce.




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